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Most businesses do traditional advertising, but digital advertising is becoming a much more common avenue for businesses to produce more customer flow.
General digital advertising covers search engine ads, google display network, amazon, facebook, other social media platforms, and phone apps. Many of these allow for geo-targeting, but what about another option, WiFi advertising.
WiFi advertising is the ability to put an ad on the login or connection success page of a local business’ wifi. So no matter if they are going online to search for what you offer, they can see an advertisement for your business.
It doesn’t get more local than that.
We offer this option thru our Pro WiFi marketing platform that we offer to local establishments that have enough daily traffic. This service is FREE to these locations. Part of this opportunity is the number of locations that have this service. While we would love for it to be all the restaurants, bars, cafes, and other businesses in the Eugene, Springfield and general Lane County area, we are not in a lot of them, at least yet.
We recommend that you have an actual offer, to get the best results. You can change any campaign on a monthly basis with 10 business days notice for the following month.
Want to save on your ad campaigns, then refer a new business to us and if they choose to utilize our Pro WiFi service, you will save 20% on the first referral and 10% for each additional. Up to the cost of your campaing(s).
We offer the opportunity to sponsor a location or have your advertisement run in a loop with other ads.
Like a good stock portfolio, it is a good idea to diversify between the different types of advertising and depending on your good/service and target market(s), the best options will vary from business to business.

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