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Pro WiFi

A Powerful WiFi marketing platform that can transform a basic customer amenity into a growth and guest loyalty tool that adds value to your business!

Businesses that Pro Wi-Fi is a natural fit for…

Businesses with a daily volume of customers

Restaurants, cafes, salons and retail.

Businesses with long customer wait times

Repair shops, doctors, auto dealers, dentists and laundromats.

Businesses with extended stay customers

Stadiums, museums, hotels, parks and campgrounds.

This platform adds value to your business by:

  • Promoting Guest loyalty
  • Encourages customer social engagement
  • Provides customer analytics
  • Enhances network security
  • DMCA compliant for P.O.S. systems

How it Works


Choose Your Pro Wi-Fi network


See your custom branded splash page


Connect using email or social media credentials


Customers see a branded connection success page


3 out of 4

consumers have stated that Wi-Fi availability affects their shopping decisions.


94 of 100

consumers say that Wi-Fi is the most important amenity at a hotel.


65 of 100

people make decisions about which restaurant to go to based on Wi-Fi.

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