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If you have already read our “What is Pro WiFi” blog post, than you already know what this is. Social WiFi is just one of the names that this gets called. In short, the reason it is called “Social” is because people can login with their social media credentials to access the WiFi.

So which social platforms do you want them to login with?

Depending on the service provider, the options will vary. I would always recommend email and after that will depend on provider options and your current digital marketing. If you are big into Facebook and that is all, then I would only recommend Facebook as the second option. You could look at twitter or instagram, but these do not provide an email address and unless you have another funnel set up, this may limit some of the marketing aspects of these platforms.

Which brings me to the second feature that businesses should like: No more giving out a password.

I personally run into this problem all the time at restaurants, bars and coffee shops. They say the have WiFi, but you have to stop one of the waitstaff to get the password, which can be difficult at times. This is not the case with Social WiFi because they just have to provide email or login with Facebook or another option of your choosing.

Is it secure?

With security being such a big topic recently, the answer is YES. This is actually more secure than the WiFi you have been giving the password out to. Good services like ours, is DMCA compliant and has user isolation as an extra layer of protection.

How is WiFi promote guest loyalty?

If you have Pro/Social WiFi and you have a full service platform, then it can be integrated or have built in guest loyalty options. For instance, we offer up to 3 automated emails and integration to an email marketing platform of your choosing. With the automated emails, we promote guest loyalty within the first 30 days after being at your establishment. You can send emails to these same customers thru an email marketing service or platform to continue to promote offers or repeat business.

Thru integrations and other platforms, you can continue to automate or manually send content to promote your business. With that said, we will always consult our customers on the difference between promotion and spamming customers.

What do these cost?

Depends on the business usage, but our Pro WiFi service can be FREE for qualifying businesses. While it is not always free, it usually is for the normal local business that would benefit from this service. Please contact if you would like to ask specific questions about our service and your business.

Can people use my WiFi when we are closed?

Most WiFi is left on when the business is not, so if someone is close enough, they could still use your internet. However, we can schedule your WiFi to have “closed” hours so that it can not be used during off hours.

I am tired of people loitering and preventing a table being re-used.

Great news! While I am not sure the specifics of all platforms, but most can timeout users. Our can limit time used in any 24 hour period. So if you do not want someone using more than an hour of time, we can prevent them from using more than an hour of internet during that day.

In conclusion, if you are offering WiFi to customers at all, you should be using this platform.

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