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KPI stands for Key Point or Performance Indicator, so what is it?

This fun marketing jargon acronym is a way to discuss the way(s) that will consider the campaign a success or failure.

An example of a KPI for a website would be daily traffic. Others for the same website could be bounce rate or time on site.

If you are doing an incentive based campaign thru a PPC ad, then you may want to track “clicks” or “calls”.

So by now, you are probably wondering why there are not called “stats?” That is a great question and your guess is as good as mine why statistics and analytics became KPI, but in the world of digital marketing it is a common term.

Now that you know, I would think about what you look at to consider marketing being successful versus a failure, so the next time someone talks about KPIs, you will know what to tell them you want to improve.

We hope this has helped, happy marketing.

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